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Edited and compiled by Vladimir Polyakov

144 p.

Russian Choral Music: Tsvetayeva Settings. The Russian text with its transliteration

440 RUB

This exact publication, which continues the series of collections “Russian Choral Music to the Russian Poets’ Verses” (A. S. Pushkin, M. Yu. Lermontov, S. A. Esenin) is timed to the 125th anniversary of the birth of one of the brightest poet of Silver Age of Russian Poetry — Marina Tsvetayeva (1892–1941).
There are a lot of beautiful musical pieces, written on her poetry: songs, romances, compositions for a choir. Her creation inspired many composers, professionals and amateurs. This collection consists of music by the composers of different generations, creative trends and schools: Andrey Petrov, Michael Tariverdiyev, Boris Tishchenko, Yuri Falik, Dmitry Smirnov, Vitaly Hodosh, Vladimir Polyakov, Sergei Ekimov.
The present edition contains full choral cycles and concerts. Some of arrangements and transcriptions were composed exactly for this publication: Three songs on poems by Marina Tsvetayeva by Boris Tishchenko, arranged by Vladimir Polyakov, romances Under the caress of a plush throw, arranged by Sergei Ekimov and I like it that youre burning not for me, arranged by Yakov Dubravin. This edition is intended both for professional choirs and amateur groups.


V. Polyakov. Preface
Yu. Falik. THE HOLY TRINITY DAY. Concert for mixed choir a cappella. Verses by M. Tsvetayeva
1. Kaluga road (Music text example)
2. Here in the mirror...
3. Oh, the comb of mine

1. Bow from me to the Russian rye...
2. Gypsy marriage
3. Two trees
4. Who sleeps at nights? (Music text example)
5. A rich man fell in love with a poor girl…

D. Smirnov. INSOMNIA. Verses by M. Tsvetayeva
1. Here is again the window
2. Ill make you remember me not for just an hour, not for just a year
3. In my big city night
4. Poems for Blok
5. Insomnia

V. Polyakov. ITS ME ABOUT LOVE. Concert for mixed choir a cappella. Verses by M. Tsvetayeva(Music text example)

1. Fallen below the waves
2. Blessed
3. Christmas Lady

B. Tishchenko.
THREE SONGS ON POEMS BY MARINA TSVETAYEVA. For female voice and piano. Version for a female choir and piano by V.
1. Window
2. Leaves fall dawn
3. Mirror

A. Petrov. ROMANCE OF NASTENKA (To the officers of the 1812). From the film Put in a word for the poor hussar. Verses by M. Tsvetayeva. Arranged by S. Ekimov(Music text example)

A. Petrov. UNDER THE CARESS OF A PLUSH THROW. From the film Cruel romance. Verses by M. Tsvetayeva. Free arrangement by S. Ekimov

M. Tariverdiyev. I LIKE IT THAT YOURE BURNING NOT FOR ME. From the film The irony of fate. Verses by M. Tsvetayeva. Free arrangement by Ya. Dubravin