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Andrey Petrov (1930–2006) was born in Leningrad. In 1954 he graduated from the Leningrad Conservatoire, where he studied composition at professor O. A. Yevlakhov’s class. Among the titles he was awarded were the laureate of State USSR Prizes (1967, 1976), Russia (1996), Russia Presidents Prize (1990), Peoples artist of the USSR (1990). The cinematographic prizes were the “Nika” (1992) and Golden Ram (1995). Having become the chairman of the Leningrad Composers Union in 1964 he headed it till the last days of his life, while in 1992 he started the activity of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Societys president. Andrey Petrov was the Honoured Citizen of St. Petersburg. The planet discovered in 1994 was given his name.
The world of Andrey Petrovs music is lucid and constant. Its accepted as diatonic and consonant one. Meanwhile the range of his phonations is wide, so as the amplitude of his partialities — genres and styles. He rules them according to the right of a musician, living on the crossroads of the Ages and continents: from Bach to jazz, from the Russian chants to sonority.
His main objective is the Universal harmony, this classic model of the romantic obstinacy.

The Compozitor Publishing House • Saint-Petersburg plans to issue Collected Works by Andrey Petrov in 20 volumes:

Volume 1

Pieces for Symphony Orchestra

Festive Overture (1955). Score
Russia in Bells. Variations to Musorgskys theme (1990). Score
Vivat Olympus. Overture (1996). Score
St. Petersburg the Brilliant. Music for symphony orchestra (2000). Score

Volume 2

Programme Symphony Music

Radda and Loiko. Symphony poem (1954). Score
Blue Bird. Symphony-phantasia (2002). Score

Volume 3

Suite 1 from the ballet The Creation (1968). Score
Suite 2 from the ballet The Creation (1969). Score

Volume 4

Compositions for Small Symphony Orchestra

Suite 3 from the ballet The Creation. (1975). Score
Romantic Variations (1988). Score

Volume 5

The Time of Christ. Symphony with choir (1995). Score

Volume 6

Master and Margarite. Fantastic symphony (1985). Score

Volume 7

Suite from the ballet The Shore of Hope (1959). Score

Volume 8

Instrumental Concertos

Concerto for violin and orchestra (1983). Score and piano score
Concerto for piano and orchestra (1989). Score and piano score

Volume 9

Peter the First. Vocal-symphonic frescoes (1972). Score

Volume 10

Pushkin. Vocal-poetical symphony (1977). Score

Volume 11

Street Tunes in Dinner-Jackets. Cinema music arranged for symphony orchestra (2002). Score

Volume 12

Vocal-Instrumental Poems

Poem Pathtique. For high basso and baritone, two pianos and percussion (1969). Score
Poem. For organ, strings, four trumpets, two pianos and percussion (1966). Score

Volume 13

Memoria. For violin and chamber orchestra or ensemble (1987). Score
Ex profundis memoriae. Version for string orchestra (2002). Score

Volume 14

Concerto-Buffo. For chamber orchestra (1989). Score
Ex profundis memoriae. String Quartet 2 (2002). Score and parts

Volume 15

Compositions for String Instruments and Piano

Suite 1 from the ballet The Creation. Transcription for violin and piano by V. Nagovitsyn Gypsy Rhapsody. For violin and piano (1958)
New Violinist in the Orchestra. For violin and piano (1961) I Stroll Through the Broadway. For contrabass and piano (1998)

Volume 16

Vocal Cycles

Simple Songs. Vocal cycle for soprano, basso and piano (1956) Five Jolly Songs. For soprano and piano (1961)

Volumes 1719

Songs Versions for voice and piano

Volume XVII. Songs of the 1950ies60ies. For voice and piano

Volume 20

Last Symphonic Compositions

Farewell to…. Symphony-phantasia for full symphony orchestra (2005). Score
If the Stars Are Switched On. Vocal-poetic suite for basso, reciter and symphony orchestra (2006)

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