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Sergei Banevich
(born1941), Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the St.Petersburg Government Prize in Literature, Art and Architecture, holder of The State Friendship Medal (2002), initiator and Artistic Director of the annual International Children’s Music Festival in St.Petersburg. A representative of the St.Petersburg composers school, continues Russian musical romanticism traditions. Since almost 40years his works have been connected with the musical theatre.
Lyricism, refinement of the musical language, generosity of the melodic gift are chief distinction of Banevichs works. «This is music composed by a true master with a light motion of his hand», said Isaac Shcwarz, one of the most popular Russias composers.
Music works staged both in Russias theatres and abroad. Compositions performed in various countries including Germany, China, Belgium, USA, Italy, Finland.
Sergei Banevichs music is integral to St.Petersburgs and Russias musical culture.
Teachers— composers Galina Ustvolskaya and Orest Yevlakhov, both pupils of Dmitry Schostakovich.
The only one contemporary Russian composer in the todays repertoire of The Mariinsky (Kirov) Theatre opera for children The Story of Kay and Gerda (after The Snow Queen byAndersen).
Vladimir Putin in his congratulatory telegram on the occasion of the Composers 60th anniversary wrote: Your works are truly talented and out of the beaten path… Your life has been considerably devoted to children, and you discovered a wonderful world of musical art for them.
Mikhail Shvydkoi, Russias Minister for Culture (2002): When comparing Bizet and Wagner, Friedrich Nitzsche dropped: “The godlike steps lightly” Today in the harsh chorale of modern music destructive dissonances your works composed by a light motion of your hand sound as an anthem for harmony and beauty.

Published Compositions:

Petersburgian Pages. Pieces for piano
To the Tales by Hans Christian Andersen. Album for piano and rwo pianos
Album of Piano Pieces and Ensembles for Children. Middle and senior forms of children music school
Waltz Petersburg. From the ballet of the same name & Snow-White And Scarlet Flower. See it in:
Brother and Sister. Ensembles for piano in 4 hands. Educational repertoire of Children Music School. Volume 1

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