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Jeannetta Metallidi was born in Leningrad and still lives and works in St Petersburg. She studied composition nnder the guidance ofsuch masters as G. Ustvolskaya and O. Evlakhov (both pupils of D. Shostakovich). She graduatedfrom the St PetersburgConservatiry in1960.
Jeannetta Metallidiis highly appraised as a composer and teacher who created the comprehensive system for music teaching atyoung stage ofchildren's musicdevelopment. In her life teching and composing interwined together and form the single 'blood circulation' system.Already four decades she teaches in one of the best music school of St Petersburg,
Together with A. Perzovsakaya she built the solfeggio training system, comprising all levels from the beginning to thegraduation from musicschoolthat leads salesever since (1989)— We play, compose and sing.
Jeannetta Metallidi writes music in all genres but her sympathies stay forever with children: solo and ensemble pieces for various instruments, chamber, vocal and choir works,orchestral works, works for musical theatre, the range is really wide...
Little pianists play piano miniatures and ensembles from the collections House with Bells, Music surprise, Tales of the Forest, The Loveliest Day. Growing older the children master pieces from collections The Golden Ring of Russia, Northern Reminescenses, Hermitage Sketches,Musical Portraits of Literature Characters,ensembles in 4 hands from collections I walk, looking around, My Favorite Tales,From North to South.
The little violinists enjoy pieces from collectionsPlay tenderly, my violin, The Moonlight Path; then get acquainted with brilliant passages from Concertinofor violin and chamber orchestra. Youth ensembles play Symphonietta and Peterburg baroque.
The preschoolkids sing children songs by J. Metallidi, school pupils stage her opera talesand musicals.

The 'grown up' music (Sonata for violin and piano) is another trend of the composer. She wrote symphonies, vilin, trumpet, piano, oboe and flute Concertos.Her brilliant flute Concertino entered the repertoire of many flute players and was performed by sich conductors as A. Janssons, A. Dmitriev andR. Martynov.

Jeannetta Metallidi is an author of numerousa capella choirs, sons and romances.
Her music isperfomed around the world, among other countries are Russia, Germany,Poland,USA and Greece, also it is very iften on the air inradio broadcasts.

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