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Sergey Slonimsky is a one of the leading contemporary Russian composers, music scientist, pianist and teacher. He composeshis musicin all genres; symphonies, oratories, operas as well as piano and chamber music and little pieces for children are among his works..

Sergey Slonimsky wasbornon August 12,1932 in Leningrad into the family of a well known writer, M.Slonimsky.He graduated from Leningrad Conservatory as a pianist and composer.
Today, on the peak of his popularity Mr Slonimsky is a professor of St Petersburg Conservatory, Peoples' Artist of Russia, he has many prestigious awards, like Russian State Prize Award, St Petersburg government Award (1996). He is a member of Russian Educational Academy. He is also Commander Cross chevalier of the Polish republic. All those awards are just the proof of his immense popularity and today his music is widely known and universally admired in all Russia and abroad.

His main works include:

Musical drama Virinea (1965–1967) by thestorybe L. Seifullina,
Chamber opera
Master and Margaret (19701972) by M. Bulgakov,
Opera ballade Maria Stuart (19781980)
Dramma per musica Hamlet (19901991)
Dramma per musica King Lear (20002001)
Chamber opera(monodic drama) «The King Ixion» (19931995) by the tragedy by I. Annensky,
Russian tragedy in 14 apparitions with 3 epiloguesand ouverture Visions of Ioannthe Terrible,
27 symphonies,
Cantatas (among them Voice from the Choir (19621963) after Alexander Blok verses, One day of life (1998) after the Chapter of the Thousand from Dhammapada),
Concertos for various instruments. includingpiano, organ, violin, viola,cello),
Requiem for soloists, choir and symphonic orchestra (2003),
Works for choir,(also children choirs), and a wide variety of chamber and vocal works..

Music onCD:

24 Preludes and fugues (doubleCD)
Ouverture to Visions o Ioann the Terrible. Slavonic Concerto. Symphony No 10

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